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Hazrath Hashimpeer Dastageer who represents the glorious traditions of Qadriya and Shuttariya Sisila. Hazarth Hashimpeer came to Bijapur on specific instructions from the Holy Prophet of Islam(saw). He was born and brought up in a highly scholastic atmosphere particularly under influence of Hazrat Sayyedina Wajiuddin Hussaini Gujarati, popularly known as Haider Ali Saani. It was rule of Ibrahim Adil Shah II when Hazrath Hashimpeer arrived in Bijapur. During his stay in Bijapur he influenced the rulers of Bijapur to give up their un-Islamic and heretic practices. The world famous monument of Gol Gumbaz is located near shrine of Hazrath Hashimpeer, owes its completion to the 10 years of life which Hazrath Hashimpeer granted to his disciple Sultan Mohammed Adil Shah.

Muhammad Adil Shah, a staunch Sunni Ruler, ascended the throne in 1627 at the comparatively young age of sixteen years.Muhammad’s glorious reign of thirty years witnessed some momentous historical events. Mohammed Adil Shah was buried near the tomb of his spiritual teacher Hazrath Hashimpeer Dastageer and is called as world famous Gol Gumbaz.

Listen to the message of present Sajjada Nasheen (Mahant), Hazrat Sayyedina Shah Murtaza Hussaini Hashimi Urf Mursheed Peeran.

Hazrat Sayyedina Shah Murtaza Hussaini Hashimi Urf Mursheed Peeran, Present Sajjada Nasheen Dargah Hashimpeer Dastageer Bijapur was interviewed by noted journalist Mr. Shahid Kazi of Aalami Sahara. This interview was telecasted over 56 countries worldwide On the occasion of Urs Mubarak of Hazrat Sayyedina Hashimpeer Dastageer.